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Promethean Energy Corporation Appoints Board of Advisors

Promethean Energy an oil & gas operator with an integrated approach to the development, production, and ultimate decommissioning of mature assets, today announced the formation of a Board of Advisors for its end-of-life business unit, Promethean Decommissioning Company (PDC).

Promethean Energy CEO and Founder Aditya Singh said “I am pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Christie and Alex Moody-Stuart to the PDC Board of Advisors.

Both Jim and Alex bring immense experience of applying and integrating technology, data, risk management and best practices. Their expertise will be invaluable to our operatorship of end-of-life assets for the sole purpose of safe, cost-efficient, timely, and ESG-focused decommissioning.

As Promethean helps the oil industry transition to a low-carbon era, and we work to reinvent the decommissioning industry, we will greatly benefit from their insights.”

For further information contact:
Nick Welch
Director of Communications and Stakeholder Engagement, Promethean Decommissioning Company
+1 202 255 7464